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The story of our product;

The story of a once forgotten and lost island... Our epoxy clock design opens the doors of a mysterious journey. While every drop of resin reminds us of lost treasures, every detail reflects the mysterious beauty of the island. The ticking of the clock makes you feel the pulse of this unknown world, making every moment a discovery full of adventure. As BUBEARS, we created our epoxy clock design for those who want to get away from the ordinary and experience the mystery. Journey to a lost island with every look, every hour is the beginning of a new adventure.


Absolute Value: Keychain art meets BUBEARS' mastery. Quality materials and aesthetics add a special touch to your daily life.

The story of our product;

Think of a keychain, it stands out from the ordinary and becomes a work of art that fascinates at every glance. This keychain, which we call 'Absolute Value', was carefully designed by the masters of BUBEARS. Each one is produced with quality materials obtained from nature's most beautiful trees. At a glance, you won't be able to help but admire the magical shine of epoxy resin. Here is 'Absolute Value', here is the perfect combination of art and durability. This keychain not only carries your keys, but also adds an aesthetic touch to every moment. As BUBEARS, we combine quality and creativity in our products such as 'Absolute Value'. Every detail is carefully considered and the result is a work of art for you. Add a special touch to your daily life with 'Absolute Value'. Choose BUBEARS, make every moment unique.

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