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our story.

bubears workshop

We, as the founders of BUBEARS, not only produce wood and epoxy resin mixture designs, but also continue our existence as a tool to bring peace to people's homes and souls. The name of our company consists of our initials (Burcu and Berat) and this name reflects the basic philosophy of our company: Growing Together and Impressing People with Art. Born in 2023 in an economic crisis environment, BUBEARS is an art center that blossomed with the efforts of two entrepreneurs who were determined to follow our dreams. During this difficult period, in the midst of financial impossibilities, my wife Burcu and I acted with our belief in the power of art and creativity. The main mission of our company is to enrich people's lives and help them find peace by offering beautiful, original and quality-filled designs. BUBEARS was founded not only with wood and epoxy resin, but also with love, perseverance and creativity. Since the small workshop we first started, these values lie behind every product of ours. Each product offers an opportunity for people to beautify their homes and customize their personal spaces. Each design is not just a product but also tells a story. As BUBEARS, we use the power of design to make people's lives more beautiful and meaningful. We believe that art nourishes people's souls and shapes the atmosphere of their homes. Therefore, we create each of our designs with care and love. Our mission is to bring peace to people's homes and souls, to beautify their lives and to unite them with art. Every BUBEARS product carries this mission and every customer contributes to this artistic journey. As BUBEARS, we aim to touch the lives of more people every day and bring them together with art.

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